Philips Wakeup Light Review

Slamming the snooze button time and again promising yourself that you will wake up at the next alarm ring is no way to call waking up to a restful morning. You are left groggy when kick starting your morning. Philips new product, the Wakeup Light, comes with all the marketing claims of it being crafted after careful research and strategizing on the best way to wake someone up. On the website, they talk about the Sunset Simulation Light Therapy, which is something that gradually decreases the light and sound, and prepares your body to fall asleep.

Philips Wakeup Light & Phone

The concept of a natural light alarm clock is not all that new. People have been waking up to the light of the sun in the morning for thousands of years now. On top of that, they have been working around tactics to control time illumination from the beginning of the 18th century. There are plenty of models in the market that do not use the age old flint locks and wakeup candles, but it is very easy to get skeptical about their performance and functionality. The Philips Wakeup Light by its name is one contraption that falls in that category. The first thing undoubtedly hits most people’s minds is that would it be any better than the smartphones and their vibration alarm feature that we are so familiar with?

Most heavy sleepers are known to put on more than one alarm to wake them up. It does not matter whether you have planned a 15 minute nap or a ten hour sleep period. And the most unsurprising part about this is that no matter how many times it rings, we successfully turn them all off and blissfully doze off.

The Philips Wakeup Light has a sleek, white, round surface. It boasts buttons on the face which are sensitive to touch. Will it be the best looking thing on your nightstand? Probably not. This milky white saucer of a clock may be smooth and clean looking, but it takes up space and focuses mainly on functionality than the idea of complementing with the major theme and colors of your bedroom décor.

Here is how the alarm clock works; you set the clock around the time that you want to wake up, and then the Wakeup Light alarm clock starts beeping, first lightly than gradually gets louder. Sounds like your standard digital clock, doesn’t it? But here is what you missed. Half an hour before that the alarm was already at work. It starts transitioning from the dim glow of 200 lux to brightness. When the sound and beeping begins, your room is already flooded with the light that resembles early afternoon. The first time around, whether it is legit or not, you are going to believe that this is the correct scientific way to wake up.


One of the issues that the Philips Wakeup Light faces is the alarm sound feature. Not that it is faulty, but say you choose the birdsong alarm sound, everything is designed to be so very natural that with this too you are bound to believe that the sound is coming out of the window instead of your alarm clock. In other words, the alarm fails to hit you with the shock and realization that it is time to get up, even when you are well rested.

That being said, there is a nice solution to that too. You can always choose a sound option like FM Radio. It wakes you up every single time and you get to easily adjust the volume you prefer after trying it out once. The switches for the two sound options are located on the sides of the alarm clock.


The light can be adjusted too. There are 10 settings that you get to choose from, and though the natural light alarm clock has the power to shine really brightly, it never seems to bother or pierces through the eyes annoyingly. Most probably, your body is capable of adjusting to the brightness even when you are sleeping. If you wake up before the alarm goes off and you are able to see a light glowing, you would know that you are supposed to wake up soon and that is very useful. It can be distasteful to go back to sleep, and then having to face stunning light in a few minutes after.

Philips Wake-Up Lights

  • Natural Wake-Up Sounds
  • Dimmer
  • Sunrise Simulation
  • Colored Sunrise Simulation
  • Dusk Simulation
  • Touch Sensitive Buttons
  • Reading Lamp
  • Long-lasting LEDs




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And there you have it; if you are looking for an alarm clock that soothes you into waking up, get this piece of technology and try taking a nap by closing the curtains and the lights, and testing out the product. Once you adjust it to your preference and convenience, this is all you will need to wake up in the mornings for work.